Welcome to the home of KKSY Community, the only Sephardi Jewish congregation in Uganda. KKSY number just a few hundred, they live peacefully side by side, with their Christian and Muslim neighbors. PVAO, a USA registered charity, helps to support the KKSY community, full name Kahal Kadosh She'erit Yisra'el. PVAO mainly focus on education and health care. Religious instruction is offered to KKSY thru Sephardi contacts in USA, UK and Europe. KKSY own a Torah scroll and make use of a nearby mikveh. Over the next few years, KKSY hope to become a successful, commercial farming community.
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  • Read about the history of the Abayudaya. The Sephardi Jews of KKSY form a unique part of this century-old Jewish community in Eastern Uganda.

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The KKSY Jewish Community in Uganda Needs a Mikwèh! What is a mikwèh and why is it so important for a Jewish community such as KKSY (Kahal Kadosh She’erit Yisrael)?  The Background: A mikwèh is a collection or a gathering of water which fulfills an essential role in the religious life of the Jewish people. According to Torah […]


 The thought of Jews living without Torah is strange and bizarre as it is foreign to what it means to be a Jew. Torah is the air we breathe, the water from which we drink, the tree of life we cling to. Torah is our law, our history, our guidepost and our compass.  Yet, our […]

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