Putti Village, Uganda is made up of some 1,500 people, with approximately equal numbers of villagers practicing Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The Abayudaya (meaning Jews in Lugandan) of Putti Village are unique in that they practice Orthodox Rabbinic Judaism, the only such community in Uganda. PVAO is helping ALL the inhabitants of Putti Village: Muslim, Christian, and Jew achieve a life that they have more control over,by helping foster a sustainable local economy, food security, medical care, educational plans, renewable energy, and ecological balance. To this end we have also begun a Putti Women’s Group (PWG) that is focusing on those issues of particular importance and relevance to the women of Putti in creating a brighter future – from vocational training to women’s health – by working together with all the faith communities and ethnic groups in Putti we will arrive at this more peaceful and secure destiny. To do this we need your help! Volunteer today!