The villagers in Putti are always happy to host visitors. Indeed many visitors from around the world have come to participate, learn from, and enjoy this amazing community. With many nearby attractions and natural beauty, from the Mount Elgon National Park – an extinct volcano range on the Ugandan/Kenya border with lush forests and rich bio-diversity, to the nearby Sipi Water Falls – there is much to see in and around Putti Village.

waterfalls1waterfalls2We are requesting that all visitors email us in advance to make arrangements. Please contact Ros Eisen as well as Tarphon and Kase (two of the English speaking community leaders of Putti).

Though Putti is always happy to host visitors, we are suggesting a donation of $20 per night. This money will go to offsetting the costs of hosting with all proceeds being put towards the construction of a guest lodge. If you are planning a longer stay or will be volunteering services please write so that we can make alternate arrangements.