Putti Medical Care Program

As you may know, the health of the people of Putti is very important to us. We are constantly updating you on the condition of some of its members, and even have fundraisers set up for some in need. So that is why the following news is so important! We were just contacted by Galilee Community Hospital they informed us that they will be offering free medical treatments to all Jewish community members in Putti! As the medical coverage is becoming impossible in the region and out of reach for most of the people we need to take care of the members at large, this we have extended it also to the conservative group since their hospital (Tobin is in non functional  state)

Galilee Community General Hospital

The medical care will include the following service:

  • General Medical consultation
  • Dental care (Both near the shul and at the hospital)
  • Antenatal (Gynecologist/Obstetrician)
  • In and out patient service ( 50 bed capacity)
  • Ultra sound scan
  • Eye clinic
  • X-ray services
  • Theater Operations
  •  Colposcopy Scan
  • Laboratory services
  • Dialysis (will be fully operational soon)
  • Cervical cancer treatment (early stages)
  •  Breast cancer screening (mammography)
  1. All those seeking medical care should have a letter or communication from the recognized community representative.
  2. GCGH to work closely with the Jewish Community leaders to ensure that the service is delivered to those that were intended to receive it.

We continue to welcome ideas of how best to implement this medical care program to successfully achieve its intended objectives of serving the Jewish Community. 

This program will be such a relief and comfort for the people of Putti, but also for us. However, this does not mean that all medical needs are met. The Galilee Community Hospital is far removed (about 5 hours away) so the people of Putti will only be able to use this facility in exceptional cases. There will be expenses for traveling and lodging, and in emergency cases the trip will be too far. Nonetheless this is fabulous news and surely a big step towards meeting the medical needs of the Putti communityWe want to see Putti not only succeed but to thrive, and having this service available will help reach several goals. Though the medical services are free to the people of Putti, the hospital is approximately 6-7 hours away. The cost to transport people to the hospital is still something to think about and your help is still needed. Please still consider donating to the medical fund to make this free service possible. Thank you for all the prayers and support!

 However, I will bring it health and healing; I will heal them and reveal to them peace and truth in plenty. -Jeremiah 33:6