Raid on Entebbe Remembered

Shown in the photo is the brother of Dr Jonathan Natanyahu who was killed in the hijacking of an aeroplane forced to land in Entebbe airport Uganda,  on June 27 1976. (see film Raid on Entebbe).
Dr Idor Natanyahu, brother on Benjamin Natanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, is standing with Erisha Ziraba, the Spiritual Leader of the  KKSY Putti Commuity.
Erisha is also highly involved in the NGO Jewish Relief Uganda, the agricultural side of their community.
A team from Israel working with Marom Jewish Center in Kampala, Uganda, visited the KKSY JRU offfices recently.
They were really impressed with their findings. Follow on from their visit, they invited Erisha and other young representatives of KKSY Community as well Abayudaya members from different neighbouring Jewish Communities, to the official opening in Kampala of the new Marom building.  The mayor of Division Makindye in Kampala and other government officials were in attendance.
Erisha said, “The KKSY community is becoming unique and many people are getting interested their leadership and the way things are conducted in KKSY”.