How You Can Help


You don’t need to give us money to help. Indeed many of the people we contact do not have money to spare. There are others ways to help. Perhaps you know someone who would want to purchase a CD of the music from Putti or other merchandise we sell. You may know places we could speak to raise awareness, or have contacts in non profits, schools, or government who could aid our vision.

You can start by joining our mailing list (go to the bottom of any page and sign up!). Also be sure to check out our links to our social media pages on facebook, twitter, and youtube.

We already have branches in Chicago, Massachusetts, NYC, Washington D.C., Israel, London, and South Africa to name a few. We would love for members to help create new committees supporting the villagers in Putti, Uganda and Eastern Uganda in other cities. Please keep in touch.

All donations are tax deductible.