Thank you for your help with the educational needs of Putti Village.

When you donate to the education fund, your money goes directly to paying for tuition, books, and anything related to the education of several members of the Putti Village community. Below are some of the people that are benefiting from your donations:

Congratulations to Katula Avaran!

Update – May 2018:

A letter from Katula Avaram:

“I am almost completing the study as next month on 28 June this year I am finishing with the theory part. Then I remain with internship. which will run for three month that will run till October this year of this 2018. On returning to Uganda it is an obvious case as I am to serve my community and my country. Per now after graduation next year I will be an international arbitrator and meditator as its one of the core units in the bar course am doing. I thank PVAO board for what they have done for me to have reached this step now. After this course am ready to give back to community via service delivery and many more than may need me. Thanks.”  Katula Avaran // Legal advisor // KKSY

*Rwanda is in a period of remembrance of the Rwandan genocide so during this time, he went with his school to visit different genocide sites for commemoration. The flowers were left at the site as a mark of respect.

Update – November 2017:

Avaran just graduated and was awarded a degree in law a few days ago, great news! PVAO wish him the best of luck in his new professional career as a qualified lawyer. KKSY Community now have their very own in house lawyer! Avaran now needs to study for one year to go to the Bar. The cost for this final stretch is detailed below:

  1. January 6 2018:                 $700 tuition plus $450 Registration, books, materials, lodging, food (= $1,150)
  2. April 2018:                          $500 tuition plus $375 Lodging and food (= $875)
  3. July 2018:                            $500 tuition plus $375 Lodging and food (= $875)
  4. Oct 2018:                             $500 tuition plus $375 Lodging and food (= $875)

Original Post:

Late last year, you helped to fund the education for Avaran. Below is a letter of appreciation from him from December 2016:

“I would start by thanking you all the the tremendous support you have offered to me. From the beginning to where I am. It has been a great achievement in my life, I have been able to get some experience both socially and in education wise. May the Almighty Hashem grant you blessing for that you have offered to me and the community at large. Am now in my fourth year of study in my second last semester. Next year in May, I will be finishing my last semester at the current university of Islamic university in Uganda. Then it will neccessite me to go for the national law school before I can be enrolled as a lawyer with full powers to work in any court and to practice. It is called a law development council. (LDC), it is mandatory to go their after the four years before one gets a practicing certificate.  After that study I will be able to help the community as an advocate for the community and a qualified legal adviser. As in future we would be planing to make kksy an NGO it will be an added advantage that I will be their available Baruch hashem. To provide free service. Since in Uganda, in order to form an NGO you need to have an advocate from high court who can represent the community and help in guidance in the suits. As per now, I am getting some experience at the university since I am on the cabinet of student’s council as constitutional and justice minister. And in law council for school I am a legal adviser. But all of that little achievement have been got because of the funds that have been offered to me by the PVAO board. I will be grateful for the continued support towards finishing my course and helping the community at large. I wish my request is put under your consideration”  Katula Avaran // Legal adviser  // Kksy putti-uganda

Please consider donating to the education fund with a note for Avaran to help him with his final year. Thank you for your help!

Musasula David:

Musasula DavidMy name is Musasula David I practice Judaism and I’m so proud to be a JewI’m a medical officer, it has been two years since I completed my course and I have been working in a private medical unit. The working conditions have been very harsh, moreover with less payment that could not meet my daily needs as a human being. Some times I have been forced to work on our public Jewish holiday and this has been another big challenge for me in my life ever.

I realized that the only way to out come this problem is to go back to school to advance my qualification paper. So I tried my level best and applied for a course from KIU in degree in public health. Fortunately, I was one of the few of the  lucky one whose applications for this course were considered and got an admission. 

Public health it is a 3 and half year course duration, is a very good course, because is a health sector which heads and controls all the health unit, health facilities and health personals in Uganda at district level. Another good thing for this course is that after school it is very easy to find a job and earns very good salary from the Government.

However, I still have a very big challenge of getting money to pay for my tuition for this course at the university. Because I was asked to pay 3.9 million Ugandan shillings ($1,160 dollars) per semester (7 semesters total), of which I can’t afford. This is a very serious challenge to me as I have no way of getting this money to pay for tuition, and classes are beginning in September this year.

Therefore, my sisters and brothers I’m requesting for your assistance towards my tuition at the university so that I can begin classes promptly  in September. If I’m given an opportunity of getting assistance’s towards tuition for my course, after 3& 1/2yrs, I will be able to get a degree in public health and I will serve as a doctor and as well district health inspector for all health units health, personals, and health facilities at a certain district level. I will begin earning some good salary from the government with good working conditions not on pressure like it has been.

I will ensure that this degree does not benefits me and my family members only, but will also be helpful to my community members in putti in the following way: 

  • I will ensure that I also support students at school and colleges in terms of tuition
  • Solve health problem for people in putti ensuring good health for them by setting up for them a health unit which will be affordable for them.
  • Ensure good health for pregnant mothers and children in putt, solve Gynecological  problems which is the most cause of maternal death and infertility in mother in Uganda.
  • Also I will be supportive in other developmental programs in the Putti community as far as growth and developments when Putti is concerned.

Any amount helped will be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

B’simcha rabba,


Sarah Nakirya:

Education Fund of Putti Village

Hi, my name is Sarah Nakirya. I am 22 years old and one of the youths of the Abayudaya Village of Putti in Uganda. I have been Jewish since my childhood and a loyal, talented and caring person who loves making a difference into the lives of young children. I am open-minded, patient and supportive towards other people, especially towards children, and have an excellent ability to remain positive, even when things get tough.

I come from a family of  seven children. I never grew up with my parents; my father Mr. John Mweru and my mother Ms. Dorothy Ndegemo. The reason is, my father and mother are subsistence farmers. I  mostly grew up with my uncles  who adopted me because my father could not take care of us all.

My Uncles Moshe Walyombe and Uri Katula have been struggling to pay for my education ever since my elementary classes, through Senior 6. That’s where I’m at, right now.

I passed my High school with flying colors within the Ugandan educational system. I also scored five aggregates (an honorary degree) in  History, Geography, Computer, and Fine Arts. Now I am faced with a huge problem. 

I was allowed admission into University in order to pursue a diploma in Education. It is my dream to study Education and to serve my village and my family in their struggle to survive, and to fight for children’s freedoms and rights. But unfortunately my family does not have the money to afford me to continue my studies. I am hoping that PVAO  will find the necessary funds for my education so I can pursue my dream, but their funds are limited.


How Can You Help?

We have set up a non for profit bank account with TD Bank. All online donations are processed securely through PayPal. Checks should be made payable to Putti Village Assistance Organization (or simply PVAO). Checks should be mailed to:

Putti Village Assistance Organization
Attn: Sjimon den Hollander

21 East 22nd Street, 12G
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Another way to help is by buying this years Calendar! It features amazing photos of life in Putti, and all proceeds go toward the education fund! Order yours today!



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