Our Mission


mission_Pic1Our goal is to help the 1,500 people of Putti Village create a fully sustainable village. This village includes the 350 souls that belong to the extraordinarily unique congregation of Ugandan Jewish women and men known as the Abayudaya, as well as some 600 Christian and 600 Muslim villagers. We are working together to create a sustainable community, economically, ecologically, educationally, and otherwise.

We have begun working in collaboration with all the religious communities of Putti, sharing our gains to create a unified community that can support all her members. Our ultimate goal is that Putti will no longer need economic support, that via micro-loans, support for tuition and education, and the creation of a sustainable food supply and other economic opportunities that Putti Villagers will have more power to control her own destiny and seek our the life they desire for themselves and their children. As we succeed in the immediate region of Putti Village we will look to expand our model of ecologically conscious development to other villages in the Palissa District Region of Eastern Uganda.